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    Rebranding is when a business creates a new name, logo, set of values, or overall look of their branding, typically to modernize the brand or reach new consumer segments.

    What Is Rebranding?

    Consumer needs are constantly shifting, and so, too, are the brands that cater to them. If left unchanged, a brand risks running stagnant within an ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, which could cause them to lose customers to their competition. Rebranding is the process of adjusting elements of a brand to develop a new look and feel overall.

    Rebranding involves two aspects of a business: the core marketing strategy and the public-facing aesthetics. When a business rebrands, it often starts by identifying what marketing strategy or ideas it needs to shift to keep pace with the competition and capture more consumers. This might include identifying a new market position, articulating new guiding values, or adapting to a merger or acquisition.

    After making this strategy shift, the business often redoes certain aesthetic elements, such as the brand’s name, logo, website, or social media to reflect its new strategic approach.

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