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    Purchase Decisions

    Purchase decisions are the processes consumers undergo to determine whether to buy a product or not, after identifying their need and researching products that could solve that need.

    What Are Purchase Decisions?

    Before making a purchase, consumers typically identify a need or pain point, then use research, peer reviews, social media, and other resources to determine which products might help them solve that pain point. Purchase decisions or purchase decision is the final stage, where consumers decide to complete a transaction.

    There are several factors that contribute to a consumer making purchase decisions. Most consumers, for example, look to their peers or trusted celebrities for reviews or testimonials about the product. When shopping online, they look for product information that will help them better understand how the product will solve a problem or benefit them. Images, videos, and other enhanced content help these shoppers get a sense of the look, feel, shape, and size of the product when they aren’t able to handle it in-store.

    When consumers gain this information via a cohesive brand experience, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

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