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    Product Recommendation

    A product recommendation is when a brand displays particular products to a consumer on a web page based on the shopper’s purchasing or browsing history.

    What Is a Product Recommendation?

    A product recommendation is a sales tactic that encourages an upsell. As the consumer browses a brand’s website or product pages, the brand gathers data on their interests and previous purchasing history, then displays product recommendations based on the items it thinks the consumer would like. Most brands and retailers use built-in technologies to automate these recommendations.

    In this way, product recommendations are excellent ways of personalizing the shopping experience by tailoring product content to the individual shopper’s habits, needs, and interests. The goal is to encourage the consumer to purchase more related products to increase their cart size and boost the brand’s revenue.

    In some cases, brands can use modern technology to pull in related consumer data from other sites, such as social media platforms or search engine queries. Then, they can use this data to generate product recommendations that align with the consumer’s interests.

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