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    Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

    A product information management (PIM) solution is software that enables businesses to manage, optimize, and activate product information across distribution channels.

    What Is a Product Information Management (PIM) Solution?

    PIM is the process of managing product information needed to sell products across distribution channels. A PIM solution or software gives teams a single source of truth for managing this information, which streamlines their data-sharing processes and enables them to maintain high-quality, consistent data across all channels.

    PIM solutions help businesses manage all kinds of product data, including stock-keeping units (SKUs), product names, digital assets, and technical specifications. To use the PIM, teams need to enter information into the system, ensuring the data aligns with the system’s set categorization. From there, teams can distribute product information throughout their distribution channels automatically, saving them time and energy.

    Teams can also organize and categorize product information into catalogs to help streamline the data-sharing process even further. With a PIM solution — especially one integrated with other business technologies — organizations gain operational efficiency and get products to market faster.

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