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    Product Information Management (PIM)

    Product information management is the process of organizing product data for all items in a brand’s catalog within one centralized system.

    What Is Product Information Management (PIM)?

    Product information management (PIM) software helps companies manage, optimize, and activate product information needed to sell and market products across distribution channels. Using a PIM, businesses can house product data and digital assets, such as marketing copy, feature descriptions, logistics information, and more. 

    Businesses can organize product information on their PIM via stock- keeping unit (SKU), product name, technical specification, and more. By categorizing product information within the system, businesses gain a single source of truth for product data, which they can then distribute to other channels automatically. In this way, a PIM system maintains data quality and streamlines data-sharing processes.

    PIM systems allow businesses to integrate product data from customer relationship suppliers, marketing portals, suppliers, and other areas of their organization. They can then organize the data into catalogs and send that information to ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, or mobile applications. In today’s highly competitive market, organizing information via a PIM is essential.


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