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    Product Information Management (PIM) Integration

    Product information management (PIM) integration is the process of connecting PIM software with a business’ other technologies and services.

    What Is Product Information Management (PIM) Integration?

    Product information management (PIM) systems help companies manage, optimize, and activate product information needed to sell and market products across distribution channels. They give businesses a single source of truth for their product information, which helps streamline data-sharing processes.

    PIM integration is the process of combining and connecting this system with other critical data management systems, including a master data management (MDM) system, a data asset management (DAM) system, and a product experience management (ProductXM) solution. MDM tools handle all types of data within an organization, including customer data, product data, and contracts. A DAM, on the other hand, helps businesses manage rich media assets like images and videos. ProductXM focuses on the customer experience, helping businesses produce consistent content that meets customer needs.

    PIM integration and integrating a PIM solution within these other technologies gives businesses a fuller view of their product data, facilitates effective workflows, and prevents product information errors from occurring.

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