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    Product Feeds

    Product feeds are files containing relevant product information that businesses can deliver to sales channels, often stored on a product feed platform. A product feed automation tool enables some or all of these actions to occur automatically.

    What Are Product Feeds?

    Before making a purchasing decision, online shoppers review relevant product information. Product feeds help businesses ensure this information is accurate, up to date, and consistent with brand messaging across all sales channels. 

    Product feeds are backend files that contain information and attributes about a product, including the description, price, quantity, availability, categorization, and more. 

    These files, which are typically extensible markup language (XML), comma-separated values (CSV), or JavaScript object notation (JSON) formats, help businesses organize and manage their product information. 

    Using a product feed management (PXM) system, businesses can automatically deliver product feeds to sales channels to streamline their operations and ensure all product information remains consistent and cohesive.

    Because products are constantly evolving, product feeds are always in flux, as well. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to have technologies in place that help them stay organized and create positive product experiences for their consumers. Without automated product feeds and product feed management, businesses risk losing customers.

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