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    Product Experience Management (PXM)

    Product experience management (PXM) is the process of creating and distributing consistent, engaging product content to customers to drive sales and build loyalty.

    What Is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

    The consumer experience involves customers engaging with a brand through various touch points and deriving an emotional understanding — good or bad — about that brand. Product experience management (PXM) is the process of managing all aspects of that experience related to products, specifically.

    For most businesses, especially those with omnichannel ecommerce systems in place, product experience management (PXM) means creating and distributing high-quality, consistent, and cohesive product information across all channels. Consumers want personalized, informative product experiences where they can easily find relevant product details that help them make an informed purchasing decision. Strong PXM enables businesses to create the product pathways and information that improve the consumer’s relationship to the product and increase conversions.

    It also requires businesses to use data to evaluate the success of their product experience initiatives. Having data about how customers feel about their product experience can help businesses adjust accordingly.

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