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    Product Data ​​Ecosystem

    A product data ecosystem is a combination of applications and analytical tools that collect, evaluate, and derive insights from product data.

    What Is a Product Data Ecosystem?

    In ecommerce, collecting, maintaining, and organizing product data is everything. It enables supply chains to run smoothly and customers to access accurate information. A product data ecosystem is the technical and workflow infrastructure a business uses to gather and analyze product data.

    With a strong product data ecosystem, ecommerce businesses can create tailored, brand-aligned marketing materials; better understand their customers’ needs; and streamline their supply chains. In most cases, all parties involved in a supply chain have access to varying levels of product data within an ecosystem.

    Many product data ecosystems include different types of applications, platforms, and software, including a product data management (PDM) system that can automate content publishing and standardize data; a master data management (MDM) system, which organizes all of an organization’s data; and a customer relationship management (CRM) system that analyzes customer information to create compelling product experiences.

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