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    Personalized Ads

    Personalized ads are marketing materials tailored to a consumer’s or group of consumers’ interests, needs, and previous purchasing history.

    What Are Personalized Ads?

    Many businesses, websites, and social media platforms use personalized ads to connect with consumers and users in the ways they prefer and about the topics that interest them. If a customer researches diaper brands, for example, they might start receiving diaper ads from various companies on other sites or on their social media platforms. 

    In this case, the business, website, or social media platform relies on consumer data collected via cookies to serve up relevant ads that connect with previous search history.

    But businesses can send personalized ads even if they don’t have access to this technology. If a consumer puts a particular product in their cart on a business’s website but doesn’t make a purchase, that business might send personalized ads about the item to re-engage the consumer. The business can send emails, newsletters, pop-up ads, or other promotional content to provide a customized brand experience that boosts loyalty.

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