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    Payment Gateway

    A payment gateway is a technology that collects a customer’s card information from a merchant, shares the information with the acquiring bank, then notifies the merchant about payment approval.

    What Is a Payment Gateway?

    When a customer pays for a product, they swipe or tap their card, wait for a second or two, then get an approval message from the business’ point-of-sale (POS) system. A payment gateway is the technology that makes this streamlined process happen.

    After the customer inputs their card information, the payment gateway technology captures and stores the data, then sends it along to the acquiring bank for approval or decline. Then, the payment gateway notifies the merchant and the customer about the acquirer’s decision.

    Payment gateways are systems that comply with payment regulations, helping keep customers’ information safe throughout the transaction. During the process, the gateway encrypts the cardholder’s data and checks for fraud before sending the information to the acquirer.

    As the backbone of today’s payments technology, payment gateways are crucial to enabling near-instant transactions. Their speed and security boost consumers’ trust in a merchant and drive quick payments.

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