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    Payment Applications

    Payment applications are mobile apps that allow consumers or businesses to purchase items and complete transactions directly from the platform.

    What Are Payment Applications?

    Payment applications enable businesses and consumers to complete transactions from their mobile app or smartphone, meeting current consumer demand for convenient and quick ways to pay.

    Some of the most popular and widely used payment applications, such as PayPal or Venmo, allow people to make peer-to-peer payments, pay bills, or pay businesses for products from their app. To use the app, a consumer needs to set up a profile and enter their credit or debit card data into the system. Once approved, the consumer can make near-instant payments directly from their app.

    Other payment applications, such as Zelle, connect directly with a consumer’s bank account, enabling them to make real-time bill payments from their account of choice.

    No matter the use case, payment applications serve a critical purpose in today’s economy. They enable fast, secure, and easy ways to move money.

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