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    Page Speed Testing

    Page speed testing evaluates how quickly a web page loads, which is a critical feature that impacts user engagement.

    What Is Page Speed Testing?

    Building positive customer loyalty is all about giving consumers quick, convenient, and engaging experiences that meet their individual needs. When potential buyers meet roadblocks online like slow-loading pages, they’re likely to turn away from the brand. That’s why businesses should conduct page speed testing regularly to ensure they’re making it as easy as possible for consumers to get to the pages they need.

    Page speed is an essential component of any ecommerce business, as it impacts both search engine optimization (SEO) and the online user experience. For both desktop and mobile devices, page speed is a factor that search engines consider when ranking web pages. Large file sizes, a high number of loading files, and a business’ chosen web server can all impact page speed.

    Brands have several tools at their disposal to conduct page speed testing, including browser plug-ins, sites like Google PageSpeed Insights, and other online tools.

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