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    Open Catalog

    An open catalog is a free database of categorized product information that users can update collaboratively and in real-time.

    What Is an Open Catalog?

    In most cases, when a brand wants to share product information with a retailer, they have to manually create the content, download it, then upload it into the retailer’s system. This process is time-consuming and can cause roadblocks with uncontrolled versions.

    An open catalog, on the other hand, centralizes product information into a single, standardized format, allowing all parties involved to access and update information as needed.

    Because open catalogs offer speed and reliability, many brands use them to syndicate their product content across all of their retail partners. Retailers can then quickly find the most up-to-date product information, which allows them to get products to market faster than a manual information-sharing process would allow. 

    Open catalogs also help ensure that product information and categorization is consistent and accurate across all channels, which means consumers get a cohesive brand experience no matter where or how they shop.

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