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    Online Selling Channels

    Online selling channels are internet-based platforms through which ecommerce brands and retailers sell products to consumers.

    What Are Online Selling Channels?

    The ecommerce world offers brands and retailers endless options for selling products to eager consumers. Online selling channels are the routes and platforms businesses use to promote products, engage consumers, and drive purchases.

    Online selling channels include:

    • Owned ecommerce platforms on branded websites;
    • Digital marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy;
    • Mobile apps for quick conversions;
    • Social media storefronts; and
    • Business-to-business (B2B) sales platforms.

    A sales channel is more than just a singular platform. Online selling channels provide opportunities for businesses to increase brand awareness through cohesive content, collect data on consumer buying behavior, and forge omnichannel shopping experiences that boost brand presence and build consumer loyalty over time.

    Diversifying online selling channels can help an ecommerce brand connect with different consumer segments and demographics. A TikTok shopping channel, for instance, might resonate with younger buyers, while an Amazon storefront might connect with bargain hunters.

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