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    An omnishopper is a consumer who uses multiple channels — often at once — to find, browse, research, and purchase products.

    What Is an Omnishopper?

    In the fast-paced, modern world, most consumers are omnishoppers, using multiple channels, devices, and commerce pathways to find and purchase products. An omnishopper might shop in-stores, for example, while using their phone to look for more product information and search for customer reviews online.

    The omnishopper represents core elements of today’s consumer demand: the need for accurate product information on every sales channel, the ability to seamlessly move from one channel to the next, and the desire for a consistent and convenient brand experience no matter where they’re shopping.

    The omnishopper is primarily a researcher. They look for brands that connect with their values. They want accurate, consistent, and up-to-date product information on every channel they peruse. They want to know they’ve received the best product at the best time. 

    Brands that deliver this kind of experience are poised to win business — and customer loyalty.

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