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    News Feed

    A news feed is a list on a website or social media site that displays current events and near-real-time updates related to users’ interests.

    What Is a News Feed?

    Most social media networks — including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — have adopted some version of a news feed to provide users with a continuous scroll of news updates. Search engines, websites, newspapers, and magazines have also created their own forms of news feeds.

    In most cases, users can adjust their news feed settings to tailor listings to their specific needs and interests. By giving users the ability to filter their news, these sites are increasing user engagement and personalizing their users’ feeds.

    Whether on a brand website or a social network, news feeds are constantly updating, giving users the most up-to-date information possible. This is especially useful when trending events occur, as it can ensure users stay current with emerging news.

    However, most news feeds are controlled by algorithms designed to highlight the most engaging posts, so users should be aware of how the site filters information.

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