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    Multivariate Testing

    Multivariate testing involves modifying specific parts of a website, ad, or other marketing material, then distributing different versions to test which elements engage visitors best.

    What Is Multivariate Testing?

    Unlike A/B testing, which offers two specific versions of a website, webpage, headline, format, or another digital element, multivariate testing includes multiple versions of one specific element. Many businesses use multivariate testing to evaluate elements on their websites, ads, or email marketing.

    For a pay-per-click (PPC) ad, for example, a business might create multiple versions of the ad’s headline, body copy, and call-to-action (CTA). They’ll then distribute different versions of the ad with varying combinations of these elements. As users engage with the ad, the business will gather consumer data to determine which combination of elements garnered the most interaction or conversions.

    Businesses that conduct multivariate testing tend to have specific key performance indicators (KPIs) they measure against to gauge success. With the data they derive from testing, they can determine how their materials measure against their KPI goals and adjust their messaging to reach their goals better.

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