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    Mobile Shopping

    Mobile shopping is when a customer purchases a product or service using a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet.

    What Is Mobile Shopping?

    Like other forms of ecommerce, such as virtual shopping, mobile shopping allows customers to browse, find, and purchase a product online using their smartphone or tablet.

    When shopping from their handheld device, customers can purchase items through one of three different platforms: a website, an app, or a native app.

    When buying from a website, mobile users purchase directly from a brand’s ecommerce site. Otherwise, customers can navigate to products using a brand-specific app or a native app, such as Google Play or the Apple App Store.

    Mobile shopping takes convenience to the next level, allowing consumers to access and purchase products no matter where they are without needing a desktop or in-store experience.

    Mobile shopping can be a boon to businesses looking to attract and retain customers when combined with other convenient shopping tools, such as contactless or digital payment.

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