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    Message Match

    Message match is when a brand aligns marketing or advertorial content to landing page content to create a consistent brand experience for the consumer.

    What Is Message Match?

    When a consumer moves through a marketing funnel, they typically start with some form of content (such as a blog post, a social media post, an ad, or a hyperlink) and move to a product or landing page on the brand’s website. Maintaining cohesive, consistent branding throughout this journey is essential to nurturing the consumer’s trust in the business.

    Message match is the process of ensuring the language, visual design, and information within the content aligns with that within the landing page. This process is critical for all forms of marketing, from social ads to customer service engagement to enriched content. And it pertains to all aspects of a business’s branding, including visual design, tone, text, promotional details, and more.

    When brands claim one thing in their marketing materials but deliver a different thing in their product or landing page, they risk breaking consumer trust or disappointing a potential shopper.

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