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    Link Building

    Link building is the process of using branding, content, and marketing strategies to encourage other websites to include links on their web pages that drive back to a brand’s website.

    What Is Link Building?

    The more reputable, authoritative websites link back to a brand’s website, the more that brand improves their own reputation within search. 

    Link building strategies include:

    • Using content marketing to drive to other sites, inciting backlinks to the original brand’s site.
    • Asking other brands to link to the original brand through direct outreach.
    • Earning links through valuable assets, original research, strong data, and in-depth information.

    Not all backlinks are equal, though. The best link building comes from other sites that have strong search engine optimization (SEO) authority already. This includes brands that rank highly in search or those with a high amount of visitor traffic.

    Relevance also matters. Brands should build backlinks from other brands that sell similar products or work within the same markets. Doing so shows search engines that a site is actively engaged within a particular category, which boosts their authority in that category.

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