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    Lead Nurturing

    Lead nurturing is the process of engaging and building relationships with consumers who are at varying stages of the sales funnel in order to guide them toward converting.

    What Is Lead Nurturing?

    Lead nurturing was once the process of engaging consumers in the final stages of the sales funnel who hadn’t made a purchase yet, but it’s  since evolved. 

    Today, lead nurturing involves building relationships with consumers at every stage of the funnel and guiding them toward conversion. Lead nurturing is the process of building brand awareness and consumer trust.

    Businesses can use newsletters, emails, social media engagement, product update reminders, and more to nurture leads. To meet consumers through the various channels they use to find, research, and purchase products, businesses need to create omnichannel lead nurturing campaigns.

    These types of lead nurturing initiatives often use automated tools that can personalize engagement. For example, some customer relationship management (CRM) systems can identify where consumers are in the sales funnel, provide the business with insights on consumers’ previous purchases or browsed items, and automatically send nurture campaign emails to engage those customers.

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