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    Instant Settlement

    Instant settlement is a payment method that authorizes and settles a transaction nearly instantly, rather than the typical two to three days.

    What Is Instant Settlement?

    When a consumer pays for a product and a business completes the transaction, there’s typically a lag between that transaction being completed at the point-of-sale (POS) system and the money being withdrawn from the consumer’s bank account. 

    During this time, which is typically two to three days for domestic payments, the issuing bank accepts, authorizes, and completes the payment. Then, the payment “settles,” or moves from the payer to the payee.
    Instant settlement is a payment option that allows the consumer to speed up this process and settle the payment immediately. It typically costs an additional fee.

    In this way, instant settlement can help consumers better assess their budget and maintain an always-accurate view of their accounts. Offering this option at the point of sale is one way businesses can give consumers what they demand from their shopping experiences: convenient, quick, and easy ways to pay for the things they need.

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