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    Information Scent

    Information scent is a collection of visual and textual cues that signal to consumers what (and how valuable) a hyperlink or piece of information will be before they click it.

    What Is Information Scent?

    Most brands place hyperlinks within their ecommerce content to engage customers and drive them further down the sales funnel. Information scent occurs when a consumer engages with a link or piece of information meant to guide consumers closer to conversion.

    Links hold visual and textual clues that signal what kind of information the consumer will receive after they click on it. If the information scent is strong, the consumer is more likely to click through to the next page.

    Say a consumer is searching for weightlifting equipment, for example, and encounters a brand’s blog post with links driving to “hand weights” and “dumbbells.” The links are highlighted in blue, and the rest of the blog is well-designed and highly engaging. In this case, the information scent is strong, and the consumer likely feels that if they click on one of those links, they’ll receive quality information related to their needs.

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