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    Influencer Partnerships

    Influencer partnerships occur between brands and owners of popular social media accounts with the goal of promoting a product, boosting sales, or building brand awareness.

    What Are Influencer Partnerships?

    Social selling — in which consumers find and purchase products directly through their preferred social media platform — has seen an uptick in recent years, likely due to the convenience it offers. 

    Influencer partnerships between brands and popular social media personalities can drive this kind of buying behavior even further.

    Influencer partnerships benefit all parties involved: Brands get to reach new consumer segments, as influencers often have thousands, if not millions of followers. 

    Influencers receive payment in the form of money, free products, or exposure from promoting products on their feeds. And consumers get product recommendations directly from the influencers they know and trust.

    Influencer partnerships can take many forms, including collaborations to promote a specific product during launch, providing support for a brand mission or value, or encouraging consumers to interact with a particular campaign. 

    To make the most of partnerships, brands need to choose influencers who align with their goals.

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