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    Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a sales and customer engagement approach in which businesses create high-quality, consumer-centric content designed to draw customers in.

    What Is Inbound Marketing?

    There are two general categories of marketing: inbound and outbound. While outbound marketing involves brands reaching out directly to consumers, inbound marketing is all about creating dynamic, engaging, and consumer-centric content that spurs interest and draws customers into the brand ecosystem.

    In most cases, inbound marketing content seeks to solve consumer problems, so brands first need to fully understand who their customers are and what needs and desires drive their purchasing behavior. Then, they need to create high-quality, tailored content that meets those needs.

    Inbound marketing content can take many forms, including ebooks, infographics, articles, videos, webinars, social media posts, or original research. In each of these content types, the brand would offer solutions to common problems, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive consumers to other landing or product pages to guide the consumer further down the sales funnel. Inbound marketing is often most effective when used alongside outbound marketing.

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