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    Impulse Purchase

    An impulse purchase is when a customer spontaneously buys a product or service without planning to do so.

    What Is an Impulse Purchase?

    An impulse purchase is largely based on compulsion. A customer sees a product, then abruptly and immediately buys it, without necessarily thinking the purchase through or planning for that purchase. This process happens when a customer feels a strong and sudden emotional attachment to the product and how it can benefit their life.

    An impulse purchase also builds on past experiences: If you felt happiness or self-care using a particular product in the past, you’re more likely to impulse buy that product in the future. This often happens with food, as these items are closely aligned to happiness, satisfaction, community, and other positive factors.

    Businesses benefit from impulse purchasing because these types of buys typically increase a shopper’s cart total. They can encourage an impulse purchase by placing lower-priced items close to the register; making it easy for customers to find emotionally valuable products; and cross-merchandising impulse and higher-priced items.

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