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    A heatmap is a data visualization that displays certain values — such as a user’s time spent on a particular part of a webpage — with different colors.

    What Is a Heatmap?

    Heatmaps are useful data visualization tools, especially for businesses with online presences, because they’re able to easily show contextual data. 

    For example, an ecommerce business might use a heatmap to illustrate where and for how long a user engages with a product page. The heatmap might show that users engage heavily with above-the-fold product details, which would be displayed in one color, but less on below-the-fold ads, which would be displayed in another color.

    Heatmaps can also show a number of other types of data, including clicks, scrolling, or general user movement on a website. Brands who use heatmapping data typically partner with a software solution that captures user engagement, aggregates that data, and visualizes it for the brand.

    This process gives the brand useful insight into which parts of the page drive the best consumer interaction — empowering them to further enhance those areas or adjust other areas to drive movement elsewhere.

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