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    Headline Testing

    Headline testing is the process of creating different headlines for a piece of writing and assessing which one connects with readers best.

    What Is Headline Testing?

    Headline testing is an experiment that businesses often run to see what kind of language, tone, and format readers respond to best. They create different headlines for articles, ebooks, product pages, and other media — and then put those in front of various audience segments. From there, they evaluate the one with which readers seem to have the strongest connection.

    The primary way businesses accomplish headline testing is through A/B testing, which is the process of creating two different versions of headlines and collecting data on engagement rates. This could involve measuring which headline garnered more traffic, longer visits, more click-throughs on embedded links, or more engagement with calls-to-action.

    Headline testing gives businesses more than just insight on which headline worked best. It shows them what kind of tone, language, formatting, and style readers and potential consumers like best. With this information, businesses can tailor future articles or marketing materials to better connect with their customers.

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