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    A hashtag is a hash sign (#) followed by a word or phrase that social media users can use to connect to a particular topic, theme, or event.

    What Is a Hashtag?

    Social media is all about connection, and a hashtag helps connect entire networks of social media users around a particular topic, theme, event, or cultural conversation.

    Hashtags are keywords or phrases that precede a hash sign (#) and relate to a particular topic. Users and businesses can apply a hashtag or hashtags to their social content to direct their content to the digital conversation around that topic. On the other end, users can search for and follow content using the related hashtag.

    Hashtags can be helpful tools for ecommerce businesses, as they help connect product or brand content to other trending topics. Businesses can use a hashtag to strategically apply high-volume or highly searched keywords to their content, enabling consumers to find their product or brand information quickly and easily.

    Using hashtags in ecommerce marketing initiatives also helps businesses connect with consumers in the ways they prefer. This digital connection can contribute to strong consumer-brand relationships.

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