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    Hand Raiser

    A hand raiser is a potential customer who expresses interest in engaging with a business by submitting personal information, upgrading their product, or searching for product information on a website.

    What Is a Hand Raiser?

    Attracting new customers requires significant business effort. That’s why many brands focus their marketing and sales strategies on identifying and engaging with hand raisers — individuals who actively express interest in the brand and its products.

    These customers can “raise their hands” by subscribing to an email newsletter, submitting personal information to the brand, downloading a gated asset, creating an account with a brand, interacting with the brand on social, or proactively upgrading a previously purchased item.

    Because a hand raiser already conveyed interest in a brand’s product, they’re often easier to engage and move toward conversion. The key is understanding what kind of value the customer wants from the product and delivering that value.

    Creating search engine optimized (SEO) content that connects with customers’ needs can help capture hand raisers. Brands can analyze search data to understand what customers are searching for and serve them that content to encourage hand-raising.

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