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    Google Manufacturer Center

    The Google Manufacturer Center is a free tool that brand manufacturers can use to create and publish complete and accurate product data to drive sales.

    What Is the Google Manufacturer Center?

    To use Google Manufacturer Center, brands can upload product data directly into the tool, allowing Google to tailor search results using key attributes from the product information. In this way, brands that use the Google Manufacturer Center often drive consumers to their products effectively and efficiently.

    The tool also provides actionable insights on product performance across Google platforms and search engines. This analytics feature helps brands identify what’s working and what’s not, as well as how competitor products are showing on similar platforms.

    Since today’s consumers increasingly turn to the internet to find, research, and purchase products, brands that expand their reach via keyword-centric strategies tend to win. The Google Manufacturer Center helps enable this success by more strongly connecting specific product attributes with specific consumer interests. It also enables brands to create detailed product information that helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

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