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    Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID)

    The Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) is a public database and reference catalog for all medical devices with a unique device identifier (UDI).

    What Is the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID)?

    Administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) is a database that contains information about medical devices with unique device identifiers (UDI). The UDI is a numeric of alphanumeric code designated to specific device models. It also includes a product identifier that provides more detailed manufacturing information about the device. UDIs appear on device labels in both text and a barcode.

    Based on each device’s UDI, the data contained within GUDID listings include the device’s brand manufacturer name, description, size, expiration date, serial number, and storage and handling information, among other details.

    The GUDID system helps manufacturers, device users, and FDA regulators effectively find and identify devices via the free portal. The GUDID establishes a system for identifying devices, which helps reduce medical errors, improves distribution processes, and ensures all parties have access to up-to-date, accurate device information at all times.

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