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    Geotargeting is a marketing technique in which brands identify and develop advertising for specific locations using consumer data to ensure their ads resonate with potential customers in that area.

    What Is Geotargeting?

    As the ecommerce landscape evolves, marketing initiatives are needing to simultaneously broaden out to capture more consumer segments and narrow to provide more personalized advertising to niche segments. Geotargeting is one way of tapping into the needs and wants of a particular customer base living within a specific location.

    To create effective geotargeting campaigns, brands first need to understand their audience segments by region or location. This involves gathering consumer data to better understand the needs, behaviors, and purchasing habits of those within a defined geographic boundary.

    Then, brands need to use advertising technology to ensure consumers within that region — or who enter into that region — receive advertising targeted to their needs. Some mobile apps or APIs will deliver advertising to a selected consumer as soon as they enter into a defined region or location. This geotargeting enables brands to provide more personalized marketing that boosts the consumer experience.

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