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    Fulfillment refers to the process a business undergoes when they receive a customer order, prepare the order, and deliver it to the customer.

    What Is Fulfillment?

    Fulfillment involves three main steps that a business has to take to get a customer’s order into their hands. First, the business has to receive and store inventory either in-house or at an outsourced warehouse or facility. 

    Second, it has to process incoming orders by organizing them within an inventory management system, packaging products, and managing shipping preparation. Some businesses outsource this process, too, which helps them save time and labor costs. 

    Finally, the business must ship the product to the customer, complying with all carrier shipment requirements.

    In addition to this process, ecommerce businesses can also use dropshipping for fulfillment, which is the process of ordering straight from a supplier who ships directly to the consumer. No matter how the business fulfills orders, it’s crucial that they have an organized, detailed system that helps them get products to consumers quickly.

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