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    Frictionless Ecommerce

    Frictionless ecommerce is when businesses minimize the number of steps and obstacles a consumer has to move through to purchase a product online.

    What Is Frictionless Ecommerce?

    Within today’s convenience economy, consumers expect streamlined brand experiences that allow them to seamlessly move from channel to channel and purchase products when and how they prefer. This kind of frictionless ecommerce experience ushers consumers through the sales funnel without interruptions or sales-losing disruptions.

    Frictionless commerce experiences have taken over retail in the form of self-serve kiosks, curbside pick-up, and mobile ordering apps. Ecommerce businesses are similarly relying on various technologies to give consumers quick, easy, and frictionless online buying experiences. Online chatbots can answer consumer questions quickly. Social media platforms have enabled consumers to purchase products directly from their apps. And many ecommerce businesses allow customers to bypass the lengthy purchasing process by buying products with just one click.

    To create this kind of frictionless ecommerce, businesses need to first use data to identify where in the sales funnel they’re losing consumers and then remove obstacles in those areas.

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