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    Form Love

    Form love describes a consumer perspective in which they enjoy filling out forms on websites.

    What Is Form Love?

    Many businesses rely on forms to gather customer data, capture customer interest, or drive consumers closer to conversion. Brands and retailers can require form fills for newsletter sign-ups, account setups, gated content access, or payment data input. But most consumers typically don’t love filling out forms, as it slows down their pathway to accessing the products, solutions, or information they need.

    Form love describes a nearly unachievable state in which consumers actually love or enjoy filling out forms on web pages for brands and retailers.

    While getting to a state of form love is nearly impossible, brands can get fairly close by clearly articulating the customer benefit to filling out the form; creating cohesive messaging and branding around the form; designing a highly engaging, dynamic form and web page; and ensuring the form is as straightforward as possible. Generating form love is about tapping into the convenience consumers need today.

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