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    Facebook Catalog Manager

    The Facebook Catalog Manager is an inventory platform that allows sellers to create and manage their product catalogs, ads, and shops on Facebook.

    What Is the Facebook Catalog Manager?

    In today’s omnichannel commerce landscape, many retailers use social media to market and sell to customers. The Facebook Catalog Manager enables these retailers to create and manage product catalogs and ads to reach customers via preferred channels.

    The Facebook Catalog Manager enables retailers to create dynamic ads, as it analyzes Facebook users and automatically promotes products to those interested in the retailer’s website. These ads could include images, be published on a carousel, or connect with Instagram ads.

    To create, publish, and manage these ads, retailers first need to form their product catalogs on Facebook, which they can do manually or via bulk upload. These catalogs house various details about products, such as their size and type. 

    After the retailer has established their product catalog, they can use the Facebook Catalog Manager to create and publish ads that drive consumers back to the catalog to make a purchase.

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