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    Exit Rate

    An exit rate measures the percentage of visitors who view and click out of a particular webpage after visiting other pages on the same website.

    What Is an Exit Rate?

    Unlike a bounce rate — which measures the percentage of people who entered and exited a website without clicking through to another page — exit rate measures the percentage of people who exited on a page after viewing others on the site. 

    An exit rate shows a business which webpages are potentially driving visitors away. For example, if a number of customers are landing on a brand’s homepage, then navigating to a particular product page, only to exit the site altogether, the business could take a close look at that product page: Is the product information on that page compelling, consistent, and accurate? Are the images, videos, or graphics on that page working properly? Is the page loading quickly, and does it give consumers the information they need? 

    By answering questions the exit rate can pose, the business could make adjustments to the site or send marketing campaigns about that specific product to re-engage consumers who left.

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