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    Event-Triggered Email

    An event-triggered email is an automated email that a business sends to a consumer directly after the consumer has completed an action, such as purchasing a product.

    What Is an Event-Triggered Email?

    An event-triggered email is a critical part of most ecommerce businesses' marketing strategies. These emails are automatically sent to consumers after they’ve completed an action, such as purchasing a product, viewing a product online, engaging with a brand on social media, contacting customer service, or signing up for a brand newsletter.

    Event-triggered emails are typically auto-populated and automatically sent immediately after the event occurs. This automated process helps ensure that the brand is able to connect with consumers without the heavy manual lift.

    Additionally, event-triggered emails help give consumers peace of mind after they’ve completed an action. If a consumer purchases a product online, for example, they want confirmation that their purchase was successful. An event-triggered email provides and sustains this level of confidence, which can help foster a positive shopping experience and boost repeat business.

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