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    Email Testing

    Email testing is the practice of assessing an email’s content, visual appeal, coding, and formatting before sending.

    What Is Email Testing?

    Email testing is an evaluative measure many businesses take before sending out marketing campaigns via email to large numbers of existing or potential consumers. 
    Before sending, they look at the email through the recipient’s perspective and assess whether the content, backend coding, and visual formatting all look correct — and confirm images, videos, or graphics are working properly. Some businesses also test their emails on multiple devices to ensure formatting is correct on different displays.
    Email testing is important because it allows a business to ensure they’re sending consistent, brand-aligned messaging that looks and feels the way they intend. It enables the business to put out the most professional, error-free campaigns possible — which can help avoid turning away valuable customers. 
    Through email testing, brands and retailers can improve click-through rates and ensure that any consumer behavior data the business gleans is connected to the actual content of the email, rather than content errors or display mistakes.

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