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    Editorial Calendar

    An editorial calendar is a content workflow and planning schema that businesses use to organize their content creation process and publication goal dates by day, week, and month.

    What Is an Editorial Calendar?

    To achieve strong search engine optimization (SEO) and give consumers the right content at the right time, businesses need to develop a full-scale editorial calendar that outlines key content creation milestones and deadlines.

    An editorial calendar is a visual representation of milestones within the content creation process, with tasks organized by day, week, and month. The calendar can take several forms, depending on the needs of the business.

    An editorial calendar helps a business identify critical parts of their publishing process, including their publishing frequency, who is involved at each step of the process, what kinds of review each piece needs to go through before publishing, and the various content formats and publishing channels the business will use.

    Overall, editorial calendars help hold teams accountable, ensure businesses regularly publish content that connects to their larger strategy, and ensure each published piece offers consumers a clear value.

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