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    Ecommerce Keyword Research

    Ecommerce keyword research is the process through which businesses analyze common consumer search queries, then use the best-performing key terms from those queries in their ecommerce content.

    What Is Ecommerce Keyword Research?

    Today’s customers conduct a significant amount of research before buying products, and they generally turn to Google or other search engines to do so. Ecommerce keyword research allows businesses to identify the most common key terms or phrases that customers use in their queries and then use those keywords in their content to drive search results.

    Over time, ecommerce keyword research has become much more of an art than a science. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) efforts start by intentionally using analytical tools to find keywords with high search volume (meaning the topic is top of consumers’ minds) but generally low competition (meaning competitor brands aren’t ranking highly on that keyword).

    Many businesses use automated analytical tools to do heavy ecommerce keyword research for them. With these tools, businesses can see how their competitors are performing in search, what their customers need from their content, and how to attract and retain audiences.

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