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    Ecommerce Automation

    Ecommerce automation is when businesses use software and other systems to automatically complete certain small or repetitive tasks, which frees human agents up for more value-adding tasks.

    What Is Ecommerce Automation?

    As an ecommerce business takes on a more complex supply chain or starts offering more products to customers, the systems that enable this growth become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Ecommerce automation is the process of streamlining repetitive or regimented tasks in order to save time and energy.

    Most businesses use certain software programs for ecommerce automation. Certain customer relationship management (CRM) systems, for example, can automatically pull customer insights and data. Inventory management systems can automatically monitor stock levels and notify human agents about overstocking or stockouts. Some ecommerce content systems can automatically send emails to customers after they’ve engaged with the brand.

    In each of these examples, the systems that create ecommerce automation save the business critical time by eliminating the need for manual work. Ecommerce automation can reduce human error, increase efficiency, and speed up workflows — benefits that can help a business boost its bottom line.

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