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    An e-retailer is a business that sells products to consumers or other businesses online.

    What Is an E-retailer?

    To sell products via the internet, e-retailers set up entire purchasing pathways and ecommerce presences. That involves having an engaging website, a robust digital marketing strategy, an ecommerce platform, and a consistent presence across all online channels.

    Cohesive branding is essential to the e-retail landscape, as consumers today have countless online options. 

    Given the booming online marketplace, many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have established e-retail systems via their websites to capture larger consumer bases that are increasingly turning to the internet to buy the things they want and need.

    E-retail gives consumers the convenience, ease, and speed they want in their shopping experiences today.

    Because e-retail happens online, businesses can effectively track consumer behavior, engagement, and purchases to glean insight into how they’re interacting with the business. This data can help e-retailers tailor their online marketing to their customers, improving retention and attracting new online business.

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