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    Dynamic Content

    Dynamic content is copy or visual design on a web page, email, or landing page that changes to meet the needs of the user viewing the content.

    What Is Dynamic Content?

    When browsing the web to research and purchase products, today’s customers expect to find information tailored to their personal needs and wants. Dynamic content delivers this kind of personalized experience by adjusting certain elements based on the customer’s behavior and interests.

    Take an email marketing campaign, for example. By using specific application programming interfaces (APIs), a business can ensure that when a particular user opens the email, they receive personalized copy that includes their name directly in the salutation.

    In this example, the API pulls the user’s name from the business’s data bank and uses adaptable HTML text to insert the name for that user.

    Dynamic content can also include elements unique to the user’s weather, location, or previous buying behavior. To create this kind of content, however, businesses need to first gather and organize specific data on each of their customers. Then, they can serve up the personalized experiences customers expect.

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