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    Digital Wallets

    Digital wallets securely store a person’s payment information on a mobile device, allowing them to make a purchase using an app or a QR code.

    What Are Digital Wallets?

    Digital wallets store all kinds of payment types, including credit and debit cards, gift cards, membership cards, rewards cards, and even event tickets.

    When a business has a compatible payment processing tool with near-field communication technology, a customer can place their mobile device — such as a phone or smartwatch — next to the processor to pay with their digital wallet. 

    Other stores might use a QR code, which enables the customer to pay through their digital wallet by scanning the code with their smartphone’s camera. Many digital wallets use a technology called tokenization to encrypt a person’s payment information, keeping credit card numbers and other personal details private and secure.

    Digital wallets give customers a quick, easy way to pay for items both in-store and online — making them a popular choice among consumers looking for convenient shopping experiences.

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