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    Digital Shopper Engagement

    Digital shopper engagement is the strategy brands use to sell products and promote customer loyalty across multiple touch points.

    What Is Digital Shopper Engagement?

    Today’s consumers find, browse, and purchase products via a number of touch points, including social media, websites, advertisements, email marketing, and brick-and-mortar locations. Most consumers, however, start their product-buying journey by searching for the product online.

    Digital shopper engagement is the process of interacting with consumers across and within these channels, providing a differentiated but cohesive brand experience no matter where or how consumers find the brand.

    Successful digital shopper engagement strategies require businesses to create a centralized source of content, adapt that content to each touch point, deliver the content across the entire ecommerce ecosystem, and continually optimize it for ongoing improvement and growth.

    A cohesive strategy for digital shopper engagement fosters customer trust, loyalty, and ultimately conversion: When consumers are continually engaged within brand channels that provide easy pathways to purchase and consistent brand messaging, they’re more likely to buy from that brand.

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