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    Digital Catalog

    A digital catalog is a tool that brand manufacturers and retailers use to organize, present, and access accurate, up-to-date product information.

    What Is a Digital Catalog?

    For brands and retailers juggling a large number of products, staying organized and circulating the most up-to-date product information can be challenging. A digital catalog helps solve these pain points, as they enable teams to consolidate product information in one central source of truth.

    With a strong digital catalog, brands and retailers can filter product lists by certain attributes to quickly find the information they need. They can also circulate organized, accurate product information to other teams without running the risk of conflicting versions or including outdated data.

    Having a digital catalog also allows teams to manage inventory effectively and showcase product listings to sales representatives or others efficiently.

    Digital catalogs are a boon to any modern ecommerce business because they circumvent some of the chronic issues of print catalogs. Where print catalogs are static and require heavy lifting to update, digital catalogs enable more agile product releases.

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