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    Decision Stage

    The decision stage is a phase of the marketing or sales funnel in which customers decide whether to purchase a product based on previous research and consideration.

    What Is the Decision Stage?

    The sales funnel is designed to move customers from stage to stage, ultimately ending up at the decision stage. First, customers become aware of a brand, then they consider the details of the brand’s product and compare it to other products within that segment.

    After they’ve considered their purchase, looked at reviews, and conducted research, consumers reach the decision stage. Here, consumers use what they’ve learned to make a purchasing decision.

    The decision stage is the most valuable stage to businesses, as it either results in a conversion or gives them insight into where and why they might be losing customers. Then, they can adjust their sales and marketing processes to better meet their customers’ needs.

    The funnel doesn’t stop at the decision stage. It’s important for businesses to not only make it easy for the consumer to convert but also follow up to re-engage them after their purchase.

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